my story

Growing up weird, I've learned to transform the bizarre elements of my life into art.

Inspiration, in my mind, is a process as natural and as essential as hunger. I have been a practicing the art of photography for well over a decade, making it a defining piece of my personality. During my teenage years, I spent my free time carrying around bulky DSLR and 35mm cameras. My friends and I would schedule photoshoots for fun and cultivate new worlds by made-up fantasies. We would dress up as bank robbers through salvaging a leather business case or photograph a disco in the woods by hanging a mirror ball from a tree in the summer. Photography tells a story. A constant string of revisions.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of participating in numerous exhibits and opportunities. Most notably were two solo exhibitions titled WYM (2017) and Penumbra (2019), at the Da Vinci Art Alliance.

My work primarily represents a cinematic, dreamy, or non-traditional feel, with that being said, no one is excluded from seeking my expertise. I work within a niche realm of art and I encourage anyone to reach out for collaborations or work.

Photography + wellness

My experience as an artist combined with the resources I have adopted through therapeutic studies, helps me apply a comfortable environment for capturing you at your very best, no matter where you are in life. I have made it a priority to find beauty in anything. Through photography, I am able to share the beauty I see with others. This can be cathartic and healing, and consequently, helps to unite "you" with your body.