My work primarily instills a cinematic, dreamy, or non-traditional feel. Displaying a narrative; using objects or simply just facial expressions to tell a story.

photography for all humans

No one is excluded from seeking my expertise. I work within a niche realm of art and

I encourage anyone to reach out for collaborations or work.

Photography + wellness

My experience as an artist combined with the resources I have adopted through therapeutic studies helps me apply a comfortable environment for our sessions. I strive to capture you at your very best, no matter where you are in life.

Photography has the potential to be healing and liberating. It can work to ignite a special relationship with the body you inhabit. Portrait photography, specifically, is a beautiful way to immortalize a place and time. Allow me to time capsule you.

my story

Growing up weird, I've learned to transform the bizarre elements of my life into art.

Creativity is a process as natural and as essential as hunger. I have been a practicing the art of photography for well over a decade, making it a defining piece of my personality. During my teenage years, I spent my free time carrying around bulky DSLR and 35mm cameras. My friends and I would schedule photoshoots for fun and cultivate new worlds by made-up fantasies. We would dress up as bank robbers through salvaging a leather business case or photograph a disco in the woods by hanging a mirror ball from a tree in the summer. Photography tells a story. A constant string of revisions.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of participating in numerous exhibits and opportunities. Most notably were two solo exhibitions titled WYM (2017) and Penumbra (2019), at the Da Vinci Art Alliance.